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9 Simple Ways to Have an Active Lifestyle Without Going to the Gym

Must Try

If you bought new leggings, stylish sneakers, and a step-counting watch specifically for the gym, but after your first workout, you realized it wasn’t for you, don’t feel bad. Having an active lifestyle can be as fun as playing at a live casino online or watching Netflix. There are several options for non-exercise activities that can help you get in shape.


In your city, there are probably cozy streets, embankments, forest parks, or trails where it will be nice to walk – choose the place according to your mood. The bonus will be feeling great, beautiful photos on social media, and the opportunity to listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook.


If walking and eco trails don’t appeal to you, you can go bike for triathlon. And you don’t have to buy a bike – rent one and ride for fun.

Cultural Program

If the weather doesn’t allow you to walk or ride a bike, there is another option – go to a museum or an exhibition. Moving from hall to hall, you will walk and be inspired by equally beautiful scenery.

Parking Away From Home

For those who drive and spend a lot of time in a sitting position, there’s a helpful tip. You can park your car not under the windows of your house, but at least in the neighboring yard. So you can take a little walk in the evening after work, and in the morning.


Dancing is a pleasant way not only to sharpen your figure but also to cheer yourself up. If you don’t have any special choreographic skills, don’t worry. Find a simple video lesson on the internet and repeat the movements or just improvise to your favorite music. If you want to study with a teacher, enroll in a dance studio. Shy to go alone? Invite a friend along.


According to research, most dog owners spend about 300 minutes a week walking their pets. That’s twice the World Health Organization’s minimum recommendation for physical activity and 200 minutes more than those without a dog move around. So if you’ve been wanting to get a pet for a long time, here’s another reason. A dog needs to be walked at least twice a day, and it needs more attention at home. And if it’s an active breed, you will also start running.

Stairs Instead of an Elevator

Many people are used to using elevators – in the house, at work and in the mall. It’s comfortable, but try making a new habit – walking up and down the stairs. Why? With each step we lose about 0.17 calories and pump up our muscles. It has been proven that climbing stairs burns more calories per minute than jogging.

If a building has more than five floors, don’t rush to take the whole height at once: gradually add one floor at a time.

Take Breaks

It happens that office workers or those who work remotely don’t leave the monitor. If this sounds familiar to you, set alarms on your smartphone at half-hour intervals. They will remind you to take a break and stretch a little. According to a study, people who spend over 30 consecutive minutes sitting have more health problems than those who move regularly.

Clean up 

Get in the habit of cleaning regularly. Wipe the surface from dust, water the flowers, sort through the jars in the bathroom – devote at least 15 minutes a day to this. Your house will always be clean and cozy, and you’ll add another kind of physical activity to your life.

Pick a few of the tips you like best, and don’t forget to try them out today.

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