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Crucial Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Egg Incubator

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An egg incubator is an insulated machine that provides a perfect environment for eggs to incubate and hatch successfully. An incubation machine performs the same function as a hen.

This article focuses on the various factors that should be put into consideration by someone desiring to purchase an egg incubator.

Egg Incubator Lifespan

How long the egg incubator will last is a significant factor to be considered before a decision to go ahead and purchase it is made. You must buy an incubator that will last long enough to enable you to obtain the money you invested in it and possibly bring you more profits, especially if you plan to purchase the incubator for business purposes.

Egg Capacity

An egg incubator produces the best results when operating under optimal capacity. It is, therefore, essential to determine the number of eggs you wish to hatch and determine which type of incubator will perform best in hatching them.

Maintenance Cost

Before purchasing an incubator from the market, it is essential to determine if its spare parts are readily available in the market and if they are cheap. This will help you to minimize the cost of maintenance of the egg incubator.

Accuracy of Controls

It is essential to ensure that the temperature and humidity inside the incubator are kept at the optimum level by the incubator. Before purchasing an incubator, it is necessary to check if it has a mechanism to control the temperature and humidity for optimal performance.

The Warranty

It is essential to check that the egg incubator has a more extended warranty period so that it may save you costs of repair and maintenance during its early periods.

Hatching space

The incubator should possess a hatching space that can cover almost one-third of your eggs to enable it to operate well and allow you to have enough time to plan to refill it for effective performance.

Ability to Preserve Heat

The egg incubator should be able to preserve heat to provide the optimum temperatures necessary for the eggs to hatch. When the temperature drops, the eggs may be damaged, resulting in losses to the farmer or the business person.

After Sale Services

The after-sale services provided by the seller should be satisfactory to the buyer. The seller should know how to service the incubator and, most importantly, and the buyer should be familiarized with the eggs incubator price in Kenya.

Labor Demand

The amount of labor involved in the operation of the machine should be as minimal as possible. This is because an egg incubator should make the work of hatching eggs less tiresome compared to the work involved when a hen is hatching the eggs. A fully automatic incubator possessing self-disinfecting UV lamps is the best to operate.

Power Back up

You must have a power backup for solar energy, generators, or batteries to ensure that the egg incubator remains operational even during a power blackout. This is to provide the eggs are not damaged in the process.


The factors listed above are essential if you wish to buy an incubator. This article is beneficial for reference for anyone wishing to buy an incubator, whether for business or general farming purposes.

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