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What is French Roulette: Free Games, Rules, Features

Must Try

oulette comes in many variations, not counting the modern versions with additional features. However, the classics still hold high regard, hence French Roulette remains among the most popular. Let’s delve into its history, how and where to play, and its unique characteristics.

Where can I play French Roulette for free?

For those wishing to play French Roulette for free, land-based and live dealer casinos are not options. You can’t play without paying, leaving the only option to be traditional roulette games on casino websites. m88 casino is a good choice, offering free trials of French Roulette upon registration.

Large and medium-sized online casinos typically offer many varieties of roulette, usually including French Roulette. Thus, finding one should not pose any problem. Two of the largest online content providers, Microgaming and NetEnt, develop this type of roulette, and many casinos use their software. Other developers also offer this game, but these are the two most popular studios. Therefore, casinos using Microgaming and NetEnt have the best chance of finding what’s suitable.

Microgaming offers fairly primitive game options. Therefore, if you prefer more customization, choose French Roulette from NetEnt. There, you will be able to use autoplay with advanced options, and also select quick roll. Whether you choose a quick roll or standard roll won’t impact the result. The speed of the roll only determines the duration of the animation, meaning it decides the pace of the game.

You can review the rankings of casinos. Open the website of a casino you like, and you may find French Roulette for free. Convenient filters are available on the side, including “Software,” where you can select Microgaming, NetEnt, or other studios.

Individual casinos may offer the same game but with different limits. For example, French Roulette has low, standard, and high limits. The m88 casino offers the option to play French Roulette with a real dealer, a great choice with the only downsides being the absence of a free mode and higher minimum bets.

How do I play French Roulette?

There are no special features here. The same internal and external bets, the same odds, and the same betting principles apply. You can read more about how to play roulette here. The basic rules don’t differ from other types of roulette, so if you have gaming experience, you need not worry – French Roulette will not pose any issues.

The only difference is a unique rule known as La Partage. When a player bets on even odds and zero comes up, they don’t lose the entire bet. Half of the player’s bet is returned, and the other half goes to the casino. This is much better than losing the entire bet. Because of this feature, French Roulette has the smallest house advantage among the major variants.

French Roulette Strategy

In roulette, different strategies can be employed. They’re usually generic, suitable for all varieties. Thus, for French Roulette, you can use any strategy typically recommended. You can read more about roulette strategies here. Remember, there’s no sure-win strategy, so be wary of overly aggressive progressive systems like Martingale.

History of French Roulette

Records show that games using a roulette wheel originated in ancient China, then migrated to Italy, where ancient Greek soldiers spun marked round shields. However, France is the undisputed and only birthplace of the roulette game as we know it today. Even the name of the game is a French word, translating to “little wheel.”

The invention of roulette is attributed to the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. He supposedly invented the game while attempting to create a perpetual motion machine in 1655. To this day, the design of roulette has seen little change.

Interestingly, French Roulette originally offered zero and double zero, meaning today’s American variant. Supposedly, in 1842, a casino introduced a single zero wheel to gain more advantage than other casinos.

Initially, the roulette wheel didn’t feature green; one zero was black, and the other was red, just like all other sectors. However, in the early 19th century, to prevent player confusion, zeros were marked in green.

Another interesting fact is that originally both La Partage and En Prison were features of French Roulette. Now, the latter is typically considered an additional rule for the European variant, while La Partage belongs to the French variant.

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