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Mold inspection always identifies the presence of mold in an area and generally defines the size of the problem. In most occasions, the basic goals of any mold inspection St. Petersburg FL are always twofold; to find the locations of mold growth and to determine the sources of the moisture within the area suspected to be affected. This guide has highlighted some mold inspection services that you need to consider taking for an effective mold inspection.

Mold Inspection St. Petersburg FL services.

Moisture Reading Services

Moisture meters are always the main tools used by certified mold inspectors to determine mold growth in a specific area and to find out if any area within the building envelope are registering higher moisture than normal. This mold inspection service is vital because the only way to control indoor mold growth is to control moisture. When the conditions are ideal for its growth, mold can grow very quickly therefore by using a moisture meter, mold inspector can have a moisture reading to get to know areas where mold may have grown.

Picture of a moisture meter used to detect the level of moisture in an area.

Visual Inspection Services

This is always the first service you need to undertake during mold inspection St. Petersburg FL.It is always is a common and important service that is always used in St. Petersburg fl to by the inspectors of mold to prove any presence of  mold in a certain area. During this service, thorough inspection for the area suspected to be infected is done using the infrared thermal scan for any visible evidence of mold growth through attempts to get to know any available penetration of water in walls or ceiling that may supports mold growth.

Surface Sampling Services

Surface mold sampling services are essential during the mold inspection because it allows you to know the type of mold and extent the mold has lasted in your surface. This should be done after visual inspection mostly by the use of tape-lift method. Surface samples services during mold inspection St. Petersburg FL may be taken to reveal the following; moisture intrusion, water damage, visible mold growth, musty odors etc.

Bulk Sampling Services

Bulk sampling is a mold inspection service that deals with contaminated materials. To handle this service, you need to carefully remove a piece of suspected mold contaminated material then sending that material to the lab to be analyzed for further findings on the availability of mold within it. When operating in this service, you really need to take all the proper precautions to minimize the spread of mold and dust particles which may increase your work load during mold removal or even possible future growth of mold in other areas.

Air Sampling Services

This service should be taken because mold is not visible to the naked eye it is also essential because it helps to evaluate the quality of air in your home or building to make sure levels are within acceptable levels which doesn’t support mold growth within your premise. This should be done within the area suspected for a mold growth then samples taken to laboratory to be analyzed and quantified for the number of spores and differentiation to what type of spores are present within that area using; impaction samplers, cassette samplers and airborne-particle collectors.


These are the effective Services that should be considered during mold inspection, try them today for better results on a possible mold growth at your home.

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