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Rado Watches: Know The Material & Process Of Vintage-Inspired Diving Timepieces

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A horologist knows the value of a good watch and an iconic brand. When we talk about the world’s most renowned watch brands, the first name that comes to our minds is Rado. This Swiss company was founded in 1917, and till now, it has an undiminished spark. It all started in a small village in Switzerland (Lengnau), and the vision of the Schlup brothers broke all barriers. Every Rado watch strives for quality, superior craftsmanship, and high-tech performance. Over the years, several timepieces have been introduced, each with a Swiss skill hidden within it.

In this blog, we will take you through the making process of Rado watches and their materials.

Material of Luxury Rado Watches

The Rado watch brand is known as the “Master of Material,” and rightly so. The company strives to focus on the present without losing its vision for the future. Its skilled artisans work relentlessly to develop the finest materials, shapes, and colours. From high-tech ceramic to ultralight ceramic and Ceramos, only impeccable materials are used to design the watch collection.

But one can’t purchase just any watch, right? That’s why Rado introduces different styles that can meet everyone’s personal tastes and fashion sense. Going formal? Go for a high-tech ceramic timepiece. Want to style for a  casual day out? Ultralight ceramic is all you need to complete your look.

Why is Ceramic Used in Rado Watches?

Ceramic is a highly durable and robust material that does not succumb to intense situations. Once you have a high-tech ceramic watch wrapped around your wrist, it is not going anywhere. Ceramic material is also scratch-resistant and feather-light. There is no metal involved, so your skin is completely safe. This skin-friendly construction is what drives Rado’s philosophy.

You can better understand how Rado mastered the art of materials through its innovative timepieces.

●     Golden Horse

The Golden Horse was launched in 1957 and was one of the company’s first collections. Its attention to detail and material stood out, which made this watch a groundbreaking entry into the world of timepieces. From there on, the Schlup family had no turning back.

●     DiaStar Watch

DiaStar was introduced in 1962 and still sells in huge numbers. This was the first scratch-proof watch the world had ever seen. It was designed using innovative technology and super-resistant material known as tungsten carbide.

Designing Process of the Vintage Diving Rado Watch

Every Rado watch is made with precision, care, and devotion. Its shatter, scratch, and ding-proof ceramic construction promises a lifetime performance to timepiece lovers. All you have to do is not drop the watch from a significant height.

Once you hold a watch designed by Rado, you will fall in love with it. Its feel and look are impeccable and unmatched.

A Rado watch is not just the aspiration of timepiece collectors but is also the true choice of divers. Every collection tells a story and is etched in the hearts of Rado designers. Here are some of the classic pieces that make the time tick but our hearts tick stronger.

1.   Captain Cook

Launched in 1960 to serve the divers, Captain Cook is an iconic watch. The timepiece was dedicated to a famous British explorer and navigator, James Cook. It’s workhorse performance and modern finesse make it more than a mere style statement. The watch was the first one ever to display an anchor mark under 12. It was not merely for aesthetics but also served the divers and explorers. This design soon became the company’s trademark.

Another feature that caught everyone’s attention was the graceful ceramic bezel. This complements the colourful dials mounted onto a ruby bearing. A 42 mm strap sits comfortably on the wrist, and the 80-hour power reserve performs without interruption.

2.   Glissière

Glissière was launched in 1976 and was ahead of its time. This collection by Rado watches established its name in the world as soon as it was released. Its cutting-edge technology and innovative materials attracted timepiece lovers across the globe. A black dial is enclosed in a square case and has slanted edges. When this accessory was introduced, metallisation and edge-to-edge sapphire crystal became the trademarks of this luxury brand.

3.   True Square

True Square is a diver’s favourite and comes with intricate detailing. It has an automatic open-heart movement that guides the adventurers through their journey. This captivating design runs on an R734 calibre and delivers an 80-hour power reserve. The high-tech ceramic case is enclosed with a flat sapphire crystal and delivers fine clarity. There are 12 diamonds representing the hours and adding to the allure. The powerful movement, classic shape, and robust material make this Rado watch iconic.

4.   DiaMaster

Rado raised its performance with the DiaMaster Collection. This elegant timepiece has an automatic power reserve indicator on the dial and a dial-in-dial design. These small circles are enclosed with priceless stones to celebrate the brand’s royalty. Every DiaMaster is made from high-end materials, such as Ceramos, high-tech ceramic, and plasma ceramic.

Some of the special Rado watch editions introduced in this collection are –

  • DiaMaster 1314
  • DiaMaster Prajun

5.   HyperCrome

The HyperCrome series was introduced in 2012 and drew inspiration from the vintage collections. This signature piece is a multitasker and works well for sports and formal occasions alike. It comes in Ceramos and high-tech ceramic craftsmanship. The tachymeter on the bezel catches a diver’s attention, while the sleek finish attracts a watch lover. Its minimalist details make the timepiece a part of Rado’s signature collection.

Wrapping Up

Rado has, is, and will always be a futuristic company. Its specification to material selection is what makes the brand a trusted choice. Every Rado watch is crafted over a time of 2 weeks so that there is no compromise with quality and durability. Its scratch resistance, intricate details, and comfortable fit make the accessory a beautiful choice for everyone. If you are an adventurer, watch lover, or horologist, this is a true luxury timepiece and a desirable addition to your collection. You can explore a range of Rado watches and pick the one that feels right in your heart.

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